You will be too much for some people. Those aren't your people.

Meet Tina


Sexy woman of substance, Tina Spoletini, is your success stylist, combining her impressive fashion flair with personalized mentorship sessions on building confidence and enhancing self-esteem. Although she currently helps her countless clients feel fabulous dressing at their best according to their body shapes, sizes, and personalities, there was a time when, surprisingly, Tina’s own self-worth was at an all-time low. 

“Growing up, finding any plus size clothing with style in our small town was impossible! Let’s just say I did a lot of shopping in places I called ‘stores for my Gramma’. My parents have always loved me as their princess, no matter my dress size. Consequently, I was convinced that even though I didn’t fit in with the norm because I was big and fat, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t look amazing!

“Yes, that’s what I longed for, but it was definitely hard to find the right clothes to achieve my goal. Shopping was where I would experience such unworthiness! So many terrible, self-destructive thoughts would go through my mind while trying on outfits in the fitting rooms. Who did I think I was?  How dare I even imagine any of these clothes would fit me? I look the size of a house in this!”

I want women to feel that they are worthy, deserving of love, patience and kindness from themselves and others.

“Suddenly, it would happen. I’d find that special ensemble that did fit, that flattered my curves and made me feel beautiful and alive!  I’d fall in love with how I looked, and all those feelings of self-disgust would disappear. I quickly learned that if wanted to look good, I had to find my own way to stand out. I tapped into my creativity, adding in distinctive touches of self-expression, different-coloured scarves, and focus pieces, and, thus, my lifelong love for jewelry began. To this day, it’s my signature look to enhance any outfit, no matter how casual, with stand-out accessories like an eye-catching necklace, sparkly earrings, and rings.

“It was later on in my life, working as a stay-at-home mom for so many years, that I fell into the trap a lot of women do. In doing everything for everyone else all the time, I stopped doing things for myself.

My identity was so completely dependent on my family that, if they weren’t involved, I was nothing. One day I woke up and realized that I’d lost all my confidence. Doing for others was like an escape, so I could avoid dealing with the fact that I didn’t love the person I’d become. I knew I finally had to take action to save what was left of the Tina I’d always known.”

I am passionate about helping women re-discover themselves and build the confidence and self-worth that will lead them on to live the life they could previously only imagine.
Tina Spoletini

Imagine the number of young women still growing up blaming themselves for not fitting into society’s so-called ideal, when they should be just loving themselves for who they are no matter their body type!

“I sought help in all manner of courses and programs. It was only when I started working on my self-esteem issues with a coaching professional like I am now to my clients today that I started to make huge progress, to reconnect with the true me. My new self-discoveries led me to the same destination, to the one thing I always loved throughout my life. For me, it was always about artistically creating those fabulous fashion ensembles, how inspired I would feel wearing those beautiful clothes.   

“It took many years to understand that my feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness growing up had nothing to do with me or my body, but, instead, were the result of the narrow-minded, non-inclusive fashion industry not making clothes to fit the REAL women out there in the world. Imagine the number of young women still growing up blaming themselves for not fitting into society’s so-called ideal, when they should be just loving themselves for who they are no matter their body type! That’s what’s led me to become the success stylist I am today, combining my creative talents and fashion expertise with my training and experience.”


Wondering what to wear? Dress yourself in confidence. You’ll never go wrong.