Confidence is like a little black dress. It takes you everywhere!

Why Choose Tina?

“I do business from the heart, offering you my caring, supportive presence to guide you with grace and humanity through positive transformation, inside and out. Whether it’s something as simple and functional as a new wardrobe for a new season, or deeper, life-altering changes that allow you to shed negativity about your past, I truly want to help.

“I do this because I know what you’re going through. I have lived it myself.”

—Tina Spoletini

Let’s work together for a better YOU living the life you imagine!

Closet Consultation

Exclusive Closet Confidence Consult

In these three enlightening hours with Tina, you’ll feel like a runway star as you work together with your very own personal stylist to streamline some very right answers to the age-old question:

“What should I wear?

As you go shopping in your own closet, Tina will expertly advise on which of your clothing pieces best flatters your figure & suits your lifestyle. Organizing as you go, you’ll quickly see what to keep as a classic, consign for extra cash or simply move on to a new home. No point having those reminders of sizes past taunting you every time you search the racks.

Chic comes in every shape, so you just have to learn how to put it all together. Tina will not only help you do just that with your remaining favourites, but she will show you up-to-date ways to accessorize your newly-created ensembles.

Imagine a wardrobe makeover that makes you feel like a million!

Shopping Excursion

Shopping à Go Go

Once your Closet Confidence quotient is on the rise, you’ll be eager to enhance your ensembles with just the right additions that pull everything together.

After a quick consultation with Tina, off she goes to work her magic. When you hit the actual stores, the potential pieces in your desired colours & sizes will be already assembled & waiting for you to try. They’ll even be a dressing room reserved in your name! 

Of course, Tina will be there to guide you in making just the right budget-friendly purchases to revitalize your other outfits at home.

Even if shopping’s not your passion, it’s never been easier to dress with confidence!

Self Love Coaching

Your Key to Success

Confidence is your most important image component. A strong, positive sense of self-esteem is the first step to anything you wish to accomplish.

These twelve, one-hour sessions with Tina are designed to move you forward personally & professionally by helping you to uncover the inner roadblocks holding you back from fulfilling your amazing potential. With Tina’s guidance, you’ll re-evaluate your core beliefs, replacing those that no longer serve you with new, self-affirming attitudes beneficial for attaining your life goals.

We all seem to have that inner critic inside our heads, feeding us discouraging messages that send us repeatedly down the road to self-sabotage. With a solid foundation of self-worth & personal power, however, that negative voice loses its influence & your new, positive, productive attitude takes precedence. When you come to truly appreciate your unique qualities, talents, & abilities, you experience an unshakeable self-assuredness that nothing, no one can take away.                

Let Tina show you the way to your best self!

Wardrobe Makeover

The Brand New You

The ultimate in wardrobe wizardry for the woman who wants to make that total transformation, inside & out!

In these six exciting months, you’ll discover who you truly are, that brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous woman who deserves recognition & unconditional love.  You’ll come away with a confident, self-assured way of being along with a new, updated style of dressing that features your own unique flair.

Enhance your image while ultimately saving money & time! Combines valuable components from ALL Tina’s programs: Closet Confidence Consult, Shopping à Go Go & Your Key to Success.


Includes two-hour seasonal wardrobe refresher (session in your home or in a store of your choice).

Still have styling questions? No problem! You’ll enjoy six months unlimited text & email access to Tina.

Confidence is key to you living your dreams, receiving everything you’ve ever wanted. Confidence isn’t based on an arbitrary sizing chart. It’s individual, empowering; it’s all about you.

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